Data Center

Rack PDU

Quality reliable Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to suit all your requirements.Basic metered,intelligent PDUs in Single or Three Phase. Coloured or dual feed PDUs enable clear differentiation of primary and redundant power feeds within the rack.Our comprehensive PDU range is complimented with ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches)and In-line meters providing all the power management solutions.

Rack Access

Rack security access control systems provide secure, access to computer racks.Know when your racks are being accessed and who by. Built around smart swipe card technology, both systems provide environmental monitoring as well as rack security access control.Enhance rack level security with the additional of a smart card solution, allowing the restriction of access to the rack to only those with autority. With InfraSolutionX networked access control the added benifits of environmental management and PDU management are available all in one Solution.

Rack Airflow

Temperature control is one of the top missions for data center management. A cost effictive solution is designed to provide cooling as an integral part of the rack equipment. Airflow Management improvements can decrease server inlet temperatures while increasing the CRAC (computer room air conditioner) return air temperature, leading to a higher Delta T and greater cooling efficiency.

Rack Sensor

Remote management in IT rack environment is vital for mission critical data centers.A centralized environment monitoring is provided to secure high levels of operational stability and flexibility via remote management.Environmental issues to your racks, including high temperature & humidity, smoke, water leakage, physical threats, unauthorized door access, power and cooling inefficiencies can have a significant impact on the performance of the operations.

Rack KVM

A server rack KVM switch allows a user to connect the keyboard / video / monitor console to more than one computer or server. With the rackmount KVM switch a user needs to just connect to the switch using the appropriate KVM cables and change between servers at the flick of a switch. KVM over IP models provide browser-based server access from anywhere in the world.

Rack Display

LCD display panels/drawers provide various advanced feature such 4K, Quad Display,SDI briadcaste-grade input,picture in picture, High Brihtness Dimmimg LED and Touchscreen.Our upcomming 2U Multi-LCD keyboard drawers incoporate a next-generation design and will be availabel with various panel sizes.

Professional LCD

UltraView LCD is designed for professional use durability & around-the-clock operation. Video decoding capability and HDIM Extender module give users the abilities of video remote management and transmission for multiple monitors over network. Plus IP protection, touchscreen and DC power options, UltraView displays undoubtedly meet a variety of applications.

Raised Flooring

A raised floor (also raised flooring, access floor(ing), or raised access computer floor) provides an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate (often a concrete slab) to create a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services.

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